Our Story

Ingrid Ferris and Nicole Grant met during a bodybuilding competition in 2016 when they were both in the running to receive their IFBB Professional Cards. They quickly formed a connection and became fast friends in constant contact. As they learned more about one another they realized how many things they had in common with one another and soon began to brainstorm a way to go into business with one another. In the beginning of 2017 they decided they wanted to develop a seasoning company geared towards people who live a healthy lifestyle and thus Fla-vo-lu-tion was born.

Fla-vo-lu-tion is a low sodium and sodium free seasoning company designed specifically for those in the fitness industry, those leading healthy and active lifestyles, and those who wish to change their lifestyles.

Our Team

Meet Nicole GranT


Nicole is a graduate from St. Mary’s College of California where she graduated with a Business Degree, after spending time in the business world she decided that she needed a career where she was more hands on in helping others. She went back to school at Samuel Merritt University and obtained a second Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. In November 2014, she decided to take her passion for the gym to another level and compete in her first NPC Competition and became an IFBB Professional in July 2016. She is hoping that her passion, drive and commitment for health and fitness is shown with the seasonings that FLA-VO-LU-TION has to offer.

Meet Ingrid Ferris


Ingrid is a graduate of the College of the Canyons’ Culinary Arts Program and has a background in culinary arts and the fitness industry. She spent several years working as a chef for various organizations. In February 2015, she decided to take her love of fitness and health to another level when she competed in her first NPC Competition. After competing for a few years and being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease, she turned her focus to helping others and improving her health. Besides health and fitness, she now works to educate others on natural healing and well-being. She hopes to continue her devotion, drive and dedication for health and fitness with FLA-VO-LU-TION, by showing healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

Our Mission

Fla-vo-lu-tion was created to promote your healthy lifestyle and evolve your taste
buds with quality seasonings made with real ingredients.

Nicole Grant & Ingrid Ferris