Get yours soon because the Sampler Pack is for a limited time only! 

Not sure which flavors to try first? Love multiple seasonings and can’t pick just one?  The sampler pack consists of 5 seasonings and with a discount in pricing your taste buds and wallet will thank you!  Order yours today and get Espresso, Korean BBQ, Parmesan Truffle, Taco and Chocolate Mocha.


Enjoy the deep, rich flavor of espresso in your meals, without the bitterness. Use this low sodium and sugar free rub to wake up your tastebuds pairing well with vegetables, chicken, steak, and seafood.

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Bring home bold, spicy-sweet flavors with our healthy salt free and sugar free spin on classic Korean BBQ. This blend pairs well with beef, chicken, pork, seafood, tofu, or vegetables. It can be easily used as a rub or marinade.

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Enjoy this modern low sodium and sugar free culinary seasoning with our spin of bringing decadence to your tastebuds. Use this seasoning to finish off some of your favorite dishes from vegetables and fries to pasta and pizza to mashed potatoes.

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Stimulate your taste buds with our spin on classic Mexican cuisine with our sodium free & sugar free seasoning. Not only for tacos, this versatile blend is great for all your south of the border dishes. Get creative and try it on grilled meats, roasted corn, and guacamole.

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This sweet, guilt free delight combines rich dark chocolate with coffee grounds for the most decadent flavor.  You wont believe it's sugar free!  You will easily replace your current sweeteners with this sweet seasoning in your coffee or tea.  It's the perfect  boost in baked goods for a richer, deeper, more indulgent flavor with no regrets.

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